Film Proposal

In my documentary I would like to highlight whether society/ media influences peoples opinions or whether they still away from that have their own genuine views on specific topics throughout the world.

The message from my proposed documentary is to leave the audience with more of an open mind towards people/topics including racial killings and discrimination, stereotypes, and judging people by their past etc. On this topic there will obviously be for and against but what I want to show is how subconsciously without us even knowing society shapes all our views. It maybe of topic but its an example, being even the way we buy into celebrities and their so-called perfect lives.

I thought this would be a real eye opener for everyone as we all have been influenced into being against topics whether that’s race and even views on different countries. I instead of pin pointing what ever we see or hear through the media as right or wrong we should think twice. I have numerous characters in mind for my documentary but at the moment I trying use the strongest characters for what I’m trying to portray, whether that’s due to personal experience for example racial discrimination.



One thought on “Film Proposal

  1. This is a good subject area and the right approach. It may be a little broad though try to say one thing very simply but very well. A lot will rely on your ability to think beyond one character. Keep going.


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