Apocalyse Now – Cinematography Analysis

In my opinion Apocalypse Now is one of many films that set the benchmark for its great style of cinematography, the onscreen approach definitely brought the script to life with the engaging visual effects.

There are certain things what stood out to me for example you can tell the change of mood within the film, when its get cloudy/and grainy you sense something’s about to happen, which engages you more with the onscreen action. The film includes lot of vibrant colours what stand out giving the audience the feeling as if they were there. For example an ‘orange/ red’ tone of colour what is associated with explosions, deaths etc. The way all aspects of things from the lighting, camera movement and mood are manipulated together makes the film a good watch.



There’s many scenes what stood out to me but this just one I covered, the change of lighting within the atmosphere when they are in a shoot out as they are having blackouts, with the lights flickering of and on. What really interesting is how the lighting seamlessly moves on to the different characters within the shot in between the blackouts, that act as like a transition (fade to black) from the different characters. This film includes scenes what will be a real thrill to the audience but its got the reality elements, as this what may happen in those war zones places in this case Vietnam.


Many films of today you wouldn’t see a complete blackout onscreen especially of the main characters, this just shows the significance of going to certain lengths and thinking out of the box, the cinematographer (Vittorio Storaro) done to get the best out the script with creative ideas for the visuals.


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