The documentary is about a Muslim man giving us a personal insight of experiences throughout his life for example being targeted due to his colour of his skin. He will touch on important topics such as being attacked, racially abused, his views on other races and most importantly how the Muslim faith is viewed within society.

As he really holds a lot of pride in being classed as Muslim we want express that with the visuals. The character will have his religions attire on throughout the documentary, highlighting the culture.

As Muslims are always being stereotype in some way or form through the media, we plan to challenge those stereotypes on screen, showing his character being open to others and having friends of all ethnicities.

While his speaking, we will use cut a ways of Adam greeting his diverse culture of friends, to leave the audience with more feeling towards his character, knowing what his been through having friends the same colour of the people that have racially abused and attacked him.


One thought on “Treatment

  1. There is a lot of issues here (some of it interesting) and a few ideas of visual approach but there is no clear sense of a creative flow. Its a little general and lacks visual passion or direction. As a narrative it should be really engaging and grab attention so it needs more work as the character has a lot of potential.


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