Communism Vs Capitalism

Even though most of the world is run on a capitalism system, in the modern day there are believers who will argue that Communism isn’t dead due to the fact its still talked about, which they may have point. Most likely because of the strong presence it had in so many countries due to the equality and helping each other’s in return system, used for so many years. Although there are people who are for communism who will still be tempted to work in a winner takes all system such as capitalism. There are a lot advantages to capitalism there are also cons, as only a few capitalise from the wealth. This is what communist have been implying by highlighting this to the people for hundreds of years, although capitalism being a free enterprise to do what you like, the wealth is distributed unevenly.

Communism can create a new history through different platforms such as telecommunications due to the growth in technology within the 21st century appose to origin of the system. It is going to be quite a task to recreate the past for example the politics meetings, lecturers, speeches due to less acknowledgment its get from around the world. Whereas on the Internet you can recreate the politics side of things for example people views, and debates. Whether or not people chose to follow the system but at least they are aware. It will be even more effective getting more an awareness of the history for the younger generations, especially as we live in the era where everyone is on net. What could be as advantage is that Internet platforms such as social media challenge Capitalism due to the value of everyone equally given the chance to express their views. This stops all the assumption and beliefs such as ownership as without the collective of people the Internet wouldn’t be worthwhile, so it like it belongs to the people.

In conclusion communism and capitalism, its understood why they are still active systems respectively, due to gaining equality and poverty being abolished, as oppose to ones survival instant to better themselves. As the ideology behind capitalism is that they believe free enterprise will allow them to thrive and better achieve things.


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